Gripping tale

“This engrossing book tells the story of two Arctic expeditions. In 1930 a 23-year old Englishman named Gino Watkins took a motley band of young adventurers to East Greenland, ostensibly to explore the possibility of a trans-Arctic air route. Some 60 years later another remarkable young man, Earl de Blonville, returned to the same unforgivingContinue reading “Gripping tale”

What makes a leader?

“If there was a golden age of Australian adventuring, it was the late 20th century. From the 60s to the 90s there was a palpable spirit of possibility, an alchemy with our affinity for wilderness and an almost nation-defining pride in the Big Crazy Undertaking. Earl de Blonville was a part of this mix, fromContinue reading “What makes a leader?”

Disarmingly frank

“A disarmingly frank account of the personalities that battle, not only the extreme landscape, but each other as they overcome wild storms, mechanical failure and near deadly dunkings as the winter freeze descends. The writing soars when the author describes scenes of beauty including the northern lights and the iceberg-ridden coastline that the expedition mustContinue reading “Disarmingly frank”

Dare to dream

“How Earl and his hard-bitten team survive their battle with the elements is nothing short of a miracle.  Earl is a romantic who knows how to bring history alive. He is a fine lyrical writer with enchanting passages on the subtlety and spirituality of polar seascapes. Importantly, he is brutally honest with descriptions of modernContinue reading “Dare to dream”

Total immersion

It’s not enough to have some kayaking skills, you must be the ocean. You must look ahead, feel the surge, know the ocean’s power and become one with it, so that the kayak is no longer your boat, but your body. It is merely an extension of your consciousness, not a thing apart, but oneContinue reading “Total immersion”