Beautiful Inuit kids

Children around the world are open, inquisitive and enthusiastic. And Inuit kids in the remote hunting settlement of Isortoq were just the same. Ours were the first modern sea kayaks they had ever seen. And unlike the sealskin kayaks we had seen in other remote settlements, our kayaks were not for hunting, but exploring. They were speciallyContinue reading “Beautiful Inuit kids”

Original hunters

When Gino Watkins arrived in East Greenland, in 1930, he was lucky enough to meet local hunters and their families who still lived the traditional life of seasonal hunting. The East Greenlanders, or Tunumiit, were consummate crafts people who were both highly artistic and very resourceful. Their decorated homewares are beautiful and the high level ofContinue reading “Original hunters”

Cause and effect

Young Inuit men have long suffered one of the highest death rates in the world. Until the mid 20th century, it was the incredible dangers encountered while hunting seals and bears in kayaks that caused such high mortality rates. Also a great killer was collapsing icebergs in summer. This picture shows the cause and effectContinue reading “Cause and effect”