Dare to dream

“How Earl and his hard-bitten team survive their battle with the elements is nothing short of a miracle.  Earl is a romantic who knows how to bring history alive. He is a fine lyrical writer with enchanting passages on the subtlety and spirituality of polar seascapes. Importantly, he is brutally honest with descriptions of modernContinue reading “Dare to dream”

Total immersion

It’s not enough to have some kayaking skills, you must be the ocean. You must look ahead, feel the surge, know the ocean’s power and become one with it, so that the kayak is no longer your boat, but your body. It is merely an extension of your consciousness, not a thing apart, but oneContinue reading “Total immersion”

Against all odds

“Earl de Blonville is a great, but unsung, Australian hero, courageous, strong, confident, and with outstanding leadership qualifications. His book is a powerful account of an expedition that he led to East Greenland in 1986. Australia has had a long involvement in Antarctica, and the achievements of Douglas Mawson and Phillip Law are widely recognised.Continue reading “Against all odds”

Refreshing honesty

“Australia’s reputation for Antarctic exploration and research is well known. Not so well-known is the country’s foray into the Arctic that Earl de Blonville describes in this book. The story is told with a refreshing honesty that obliges readers to consider what they themselves might have done in the challenging circumstances. It sanitises neither theContinue reading “Refreshing honesty”

Captures reality

“There is a vast contrast between the hardships of polar travel and the stories that people tell afterwards. I recall very well the stark difference between the harsh reality of a long overland traverse of Antarctica and the post-hoc heroic rationalisations of some of my expedition members. Earl de Blonville has convincingly captured the realityContinue reading “Captures reality”