Shackleton to Watkins

The explorer we followed, Gino Watkins, himself followed the great Shackleton. Gino’s ship in 1930-31 was the wooden Norwegian icebreaker ‘Quest’. In 1921-22 Quest had been chartered – and named – by Sir Ernest Shackleton for his last Antarctic expedition. Just off South Georgia he died aboard from a heart attack, and was later buried on a hilltopContinue reading “Shackleton to Watkins”

Searching for a hero

Gino Watkins is famous for being the father of sea kayaking. In 1986, I went searching for the spirit of Gino the hero, by following in his courageous wake, south through 1,000 km of ice and storms. Gino became an expert kayak hunter in a tailor-made sealskin kayak hand-build by Ippa Kai, from Isortoq. Not many people know that all ofContinue reading “Searching for a hero”